The sonic and visual spectrum of Superdark is inspired by dreams, deliberate contrast and the surreal.

We like to describe our music as Psychedelic Indie Rock – a combination of different facets of rock music drawing from various influences. Instead of sticking to a fixed formula, we aim for the fertile ground between different genres. Yet we strive to maintain a sense of coherence in our music, which makes it recognizable as ours. We like to think that this is why the songs we create in our practice room in the heart of Zurich seem to appeal to a wide range of listeners.

Our upcoming track “Yada Yada” for instance, was nominated for “Best Demotape Rock” at the M4Music Festival in 2021. It will be part of our second album, which we are currently recording at Alterna Studios in Basel after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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11.06.22 Stolze Openair, ZH
28.05.22 Vorstadt Sounds, ZH
21.05.22 Schwarzes Schaf, ZH
12.02.22 Treibhaus, LU w/ Laddermen
18.11.21 Spaccio Vini, ZH (Trivela Social Club)
01.07.21 Sender Gds.fm, ZH
09.04.21 Dynamo ZH, live session recording
07.12.19 Nordbrücke, ZH (NCFAW)
21.11.19 Kauz, ZH (De chli fritig)
01.11.19 Photobastei, ZH w/ Nurit
31.07.19 Bachdar 3.5, Rooftop ZH
10.07.19 Zukunft, ZH (Plattentaufe)
28.02.19 Gonzo, ZH